This Quick beginners SnapChat Tutorial was made by: Alex Beadon

SnapChat has Become the most powerful social marketing platform for teenagers. A business not jumping to the largest social media platform and #3 most popular network right below Facebook and Instagram. SnapChat has been updated with a new feature called SnapChat Stories. It allows you to take videos and pictures from your whole day and link them together to show a whole story of your day.

The other benefit is the story is only available for 24hours and then its gone so it creates a sense of urgency to check and read your content. SnapChat gives you the ability for your brand to interact more intimately with and even access the behind the scenes .

Quick Tip: Cater Your SnapChat Stories Specifically to the SnapChat audience.

SnapChat also allows the business to gain trust, get to know you more and to build a more loyal following.

New Update!!: A new app called GhostCodes has made it so much easier to find like minded snappers by being able to search by interests and also to search by username. Your company also can get more exposure with “Kudos” Read what I wrote about ghostcodes .

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