schema actions help search ranking

Recently I was at a Search engine marketing event in San Diego and was astonished to see how most SEO professionals don’t understand the authority and ranking power “actions” info has. What is actions?

 What does this mean? If you’re marketing an event, Sale, scheduling a service you name it you’re missing out on telling google that an action is available on your webpage for the searcher to take advantage of. this may be a deciding factor to show the authority your content has regarding a search query.

 Here’s an example of why this is so important. Let’s use John’s birthday as an example. John’s birthday is such a popular event that many websites and social media has been sharing information about Johns birthday party. In this example they are sharing details such as location, time, date, and activities at the party. Now John’s official birthday party website is being drowned in the online noise of so many sites talking about his event. If someone wants to rsvp for the party how will google be able to determine that John’s site is the most relevant site for them to show on the Search results?

 The answer is a action.


<div itemscope itemtype=”“>

<meta itemprop=“name” content=”John’s Birthday Party/>

… information about the event …

<div itemprop=“potentialAction” itemscope itemtype=”>

<meta itemprop=”target” content=”>

<meta itemprop=”target” content=”android-app://>

<meta itemprop=”target” content=”ios://12345/eventorg/“/>




Now Johns website has an action in schema telling Google that this is the page to rsvp on and find the official details about the event.

A birthday party is not something you’re interested in ranking but imagine you’re an authority for a service or product and you want to tell the search engine that this is where they can book and appointment, buy product, order a service, rsvp for events.


The kicker is when over 200+ top SEO experts were asked if they used action schema only 3-5 actually heard of it and 2-3 actually implemented it. Schema plays a much larger role most give credit for and must be used to provide the language dependent search crawlers more precise information to provide the best results possible for the end user.


I know schema is not a fun topic. If your business is online and is managed by a webmaster and/or and SEO expert I highly recommend you have a conversation about implementing not just location schema but action schema as well.

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