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Here are a few FAQ’s about us and our services. To learn more if we can be the best fit for your company we recommend calling us directly so we can learn more about your goals and business.

We’re a no-nonsense performance-based digital marketing consulting company. We take our job and your businesses goals very seriously. It’s in our culture to work as hard as possible to maximize results for our clients. Find out about what makes us different here.

We work our butt off to make sure your digital marketing strategies are performing as efficiently as possible. That means we keep a close eye on your projects. It’s not unusual to see emails sent out at midnight to our clients. When we say we deliver perfomance based results we mean it.

For our client’s benefits, we don’t have cookie cutter pricing. The reason is customized digital marketing to fit your companies needs. Why sell you a service or product that may underperform? Also, would it be fair to sell you a flat rate service price that your business may not need based on your goals? We’re only interested in providing results for our clients. Our pricing is based off of reverse engineering your current competitions strategies, then creating a strategy that outperforms them. Our client’s pricing varies from as low as $500 one time to as large as $15k/mo based on many different factors including, how competitive, territory, industry, and many more factors.

SEO an acronym for search engine optimization is a strategy used to increase visibility for a website. When a person searches on search engines such as Google or Bing the top 1-3 results that show up on the search results page acquire the majority of the web traffic which converts into paying customers. As our client we research the most lucrative & budget friendly search terms, then we reverse engineer the current competition that currently holds those positions and we design a strategy to outperform them. SEO is one of the most effective long-term advertising today.

There is a time frame from anywhere from 3 – 24 months to achieve the desired results based on many factors such as how much competition, search volume, location (if locally based search terms) and more. We are constantly testing to stay on top of the algorithm changes to keep our clients on the top page of the search engines.

We do provide many different solutions for web design depending on the type of website and budget you are needing. Typically our web design takes 2-4 weeks for our most popular styles and redesigns up to around 30 pages. The more customized or the more content needed on the website will determine a more exact timeline. Speak with one of our consultants to get a better idea of the timeframe to design your website.


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